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Zestaw: "Oxbridge czyli Oxford i Cambridge"
The oldest surviving university in the English-speaking world is ... .-Oxford
Oxford has 39 ... , each with its own internal structure and activities.-colleges
Trinity College and King`s College belong to... .-Cambridge University
The rowing race in England between the Oxford University Boat Club and the Cambridge University Boat Club is called... .-University Boat Race
Among ... University`s alumni there are 87 Nobel Laureates.-Cambridge
The boat race is rowed between competing eights each spring on the ... . Members of both teams are dressed in blue.-Thames in London
The first boat race took place in the first half of the ... century.-nineteenth
Each team has eight rowers and a ... who steers the boat.-cox
... in Oxford is used for music concerts, lectures and university ceremonies, but not for drama. -The Sheldonian Theatre
... of St Mary the Virgin is the largest of Oxford`s parish churches.-University Church
The largest single room devoted to book sales in all of Europe called ... is in one of Blackwell's bookshops.-Norrington Room
The Shark House is in ... - a quiet suburb of Oxford.-Headington
Fitzbillies is a craft bakery which sells Fitzbillies ... .-Chelsea Bun
In Cambridge you can go ... to see some of the most beautiful parts of the city.-punting
In the Oxford University Museum of ... you can see dinosaurs and the dodo.-Natural History

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