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Zestaw: "Test nr 10"
0. Which part of your body cannot dangle?
your feet
your shoulders
your legs
your arms
d)your hands
1. Which word does not go with the others?
a boat
a boat
to sail
a rudder
to float
2. Find mistake in the sentences:
We have also been at Marry's party.
Miss Stocton has been at Marry's party.
Ted hasn't been at Marry's party either.
Have you laso been in Paris?
I haven't bought any wine, too.
3. Which animal doesn't have horns?
a dog
a goat
a cow
a deer
a snail
4. As childer get bigger they...
grow up in their clothes
grow in their clothes
grow out their clothes
grow out of their clothes
grow away from their clothes
5. The opposite of "early" is:
6. Which translation is incorrect?
I'm unhappy. = jestem zmartwiony.
I'm angry with Rob. = Jestem zły na Tomka.
I'm angry at it. = Jestem zły na to.
Don't blow a fart! = Nie dmuchaj na osę!
Oh, that's all right! = Nic nie szkodzi!
7. What do you put on a pillow?
your hand
your leg
your foot
your head
your back
8. Which is wrong?
His can was yellow.
We don't like canned meat.
Your wife can not cook tomato soup.
Ted couldn't go because he was ill.
Couldn't we get something to drink first?
9. Which of these is part of your face?
your elbow
your knee
your wrist
your chin
your ankle
10. Which word has a different sound?
11. Which sentence is incorrect?
She has had much food.
We had few dollars last Sunday.
They will have much doors.
Miss Stocton has few dresses.
Mr. Jordan hasn't many children.
12. Which of these is wrong?
to make up your mind
to make up the money
to make up a cup of tea
to make up a poem
to make up a quarrel
13. Which of the words in the plural is wrong?
key - keys
tomato - tomatoes
sheep - sheep
city - cities
deer ? deers
14. What is the answer when someone asks "Did you understand it?"
Yes, I am understanding it.
Yes, I am understood it.
Yes, I have understanding it.
Yes, I understood it.
Yes, I have understand it.
15. 3.Instead of saying "The dog attacked him", you could say:
The dog went to him.
The dog went away with him
The dog went back t him.
The dog went in for him.
The dog went for him.

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