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Zestaw: "Test nr 17"
0. Which is not a dog?
a tabby
a poodle
an alsatian
a bulldog
a terrier
1. If you disappoint someone,you:
let him off
let him in
let him out
let him down
let him trough
2. What is "a farmhand"?
a farmer's rough hand
a farmworker
a farmworker's disease of the hand
a measure of land
a type of plough
3. Which sentence si wrong?
She was underssing little by little
Ann won't have cooked dinner by five.
His wife was killed by her uncle.
We go to London with train.
The grapes are cheaper by a half.
4. Which animal does a young child call "a gee-gee"?
a dog
a cat
a horse
a cow
a goat
5. Which would have the strongest effect on you?
half a pint of ale
half a pint of beer
half a pint of cider
half a pint of stout
half a pint of whisky
6. Two people married to each other are often called.
a duet
a brace
a couple
a double
7. Which is correct?
The clock hit four.
The clock banged four.
The clock struck four.
The clock beat four.
The clock knocked four.
8. Which word does not go with all the athers?
to bite
to gnaw
9. Chose the right sentence:
The rabbit is the bird's pray.
The rabbit is the bird's prey.
The rabbit is the bird's prayer.
The bird is the rabbit's pray.
The bird is the rabbit's prey.
10. When you put money in the bank,you:
stow it
deposit it
stack it
load it
dump it
11. What is "a larder"?
a room where you cook
a room where you eat
a room where you sleep
a small room where you store food
a room where you wash clothes
12. Which word is wrongly spelt?
lady, ladies
poppy, poppies
party, parties
monkey, monkies
pony, ponies
13. If someone tells you he hasn't any change,what does he mean?
He has no money either in his pocket or in the bank.
He has no money in his pocket, but he has some in the bank.
He has no paper money with him.
He may have paper money, but he has no coins with him.
He has no money in the bank, though he has some money in his pocket.

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