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Zestaw: "Test nr 26"
0. Which sentence is incorrect?
Was she swimming at eleven?
Where were you going at ten?
What were you kissing her for?
What were they doing here?
Why were we waiting for her tomorrow?
1. Which do we not say?
a chalk stick
a drum stick
a walking stick
a lipstick
a hockey stick.
2. What is a flower before it open?
a leaf
a bud
a root
a bed
a stem
3. Which is correct?
a pair of minutes
a couplet of minutes
a couple of minutes
dual minutes
double minutes.
4. To sign means:
to read
to write your name
to draw
to make a cross
to write
5. Which word does not go with all the others?
to blink
a door
the eyes
to close
the eyelids
6. Which of these means "to talk about the past"?
o recollect
to recall
to remind
to reminisce
to memorize
7. Which means "He looked down"?
He falled his eyes
He descended his eyes
He sank his eyes.
He declined his eyes
He dropped his eyes
8. Which word completes this phrase: soap and
9. Which means "Bring the child"?
Deliver the child
Convey the child
Come here with the child
Transfer the child
Bear the child
10. Which vegetable do British people never cook?
11. Which of these is wrong?
to air your opinions
to air your grievances
to air your views
to air a room
to air a kite
12. Which sentence is wrong?
He must fall in love with Lucille.
Miss Kate and Mat are in love.
Martin is sweet on Daisy.
May she marry him?
All sentence is done.
13. Your instep is a part of:
your hand
your arm
your body
your head
your foot
14. ``A vest`` is the American word for:...
a tee-shirt
a waistcoat
a vest
a jacket
a shirt

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